Come and work for the Fondation Autisme Luxembourg! We are a dynamic organisation that is constantly expanding, and we are passionate about what we do. We can offer you the opportunity to progress in a varied working environment. Apply for one of our vacancies or just send us your CV. 

We are always seeking to improve the quality of our services and meet the specific needs of our clients, be they persons with autism or others. We are currently looking to fill the following positions: 

administrative employee withOUT experience

administrative employee with experience



Nurse m/f (CCT SAS)

educational agent M/F (CCT SAS) 

We try to keep our list of open positions up to date. Even when we have no vacancies, we welcome enquiries. Send us your CV with a cover letter saying why you would like to work for us. 

Applications should be sent to: 

Fondation Autisme Luxembourg

68, route d’Arlon
L-8310 Capellen

Tel. : 26 91 11-1
Fax : 26 91 09 57