Accompanying persons

Each year the Leisure service of the Fondation Autisme Luxembourg organises about twenty week-long holiday camps and half a dozen long week-end excursions for persons with autism. Every week-end of the year we organise outings for persons with autism, such as bowling, horse-riding, cooking, walks, restaurant, amusement parks. 

The Fondation Autisme Luxembourg regularly employs accompanying persons whose tasks are to look after the persons with autism that take part in these events and to help them make the most of their time away.

Accompanying persons positions

  • Fixed-term contract
  • Dates: fixed according to the holiday camp and long week-end or outings dates, often at the week-end and during school holidays
  • Profile: Minimum age 16, spoken Luxembourgish, French or German, preferably with experience in an autism environment. Candidates should be motivated, have an open mind, show respect for persons with autism and professional secrecy
  • Documents to be made available: « extrait du casier judiciaire » from the Justice Ministry, copy identity card, copy driving licence where applicable 

Dates of forthcoming holiday camps (FR/DE)

Accompanying persons attend an introduction to autism before holiday camps. 

  • Holiday camp accompanying persons receive EUR 25 per day
  • For all other excursions, accompanying persons receive EUR 20 per day

For more information, click on Help us : become a volunteer

Applications should be sent to:

Fondation Autisme Luxembourg

68, route d’Arlon
L-8310 Capellen

Tel. : 26 91 11-1
Fax : 26 91 09 57