Cheque handover by HBH, September 2014

EUR 12,500 for the Fondation Autisme Luxembourg

On Monday 22 September HBH will present a handsome cheque to mark its 25th anniversary: EUR 12,500 for the Fondation Autisme Luxembourg. 

HBH, a local leader in project management and health and safety in the Luxembourg construction sector, is making a splash to celebrate its 25 years of existence by giving EUR 12,500 to the Fondation Autisme Luxembourg (FAL). For the past 20 years FAL has been promoting and defending the rights of persons with autism. The cheque handover ceremony will take place at 18.00 at HBH’s offices in the presence of the Boards of Directors of both the Foundation and the company as well as members of staff. 

Homage to Gilbert Huyberechts 

Through this donation HBH wishes to pay homage to the work of one of its founder members, Gilbert Huyberechts, who died in 2010, in supporting the Foundation. He was instrumental in its creation and became its first Chairman. His son, Yannick, still lives at the Foundation and, together with 19 other persons, benefits from the various services set up in the FAL’s homes. Dozens of others attend the Day-care centre and take part in various ad-hoc activities that are adapted to their needs. 

Close ties between HBH and the Fondation Autisme 

In handing over this cheque, HBH wishes to underline its support of the Foundation’s commitment to helping persons with autism in full respect of their dignity and their rights, values that HBH also holds dear. Indeed one of the services offered by HBH is the coordination of construction workers’ health and safety. The company has thus placed health at the heart of its business under its slogan « Building our future together » which will take on yet another dimension on 22 September.

  • Cheque handover by HBH, September 2014