20 Years Of Magical Moments - July 2006

This year the Fondation Autisme Luxembourg (FAL) is celebrating its 20th anniversary. For years the FAL has played a crucial role in the reception and support of people diagnosed with autism. Many of you have already made a valued contribution towards the setting up and development of these services. It goes without saying that your support is paramount. We would therefore like to invite you to celebrate with us. This year, a magic show, orchestrated by David Goldrake no less, awaits you.

Come and join us, eyes and mind open and disbelief suspended, for an evening where the impossible becomes possible and the unreal all too real!

Date: 1st October 2016


  • Doors open 19h00
  • Show starts 19h30

Venue: Geesseknäppchen
Bâtiment FORUM
40, boulevard Pierre Dupong
L-1430 Luxembourg

Free underground parking

Tickets:    35 euros on the door

                  30 euros if purchased in advance (before 1st September)

Booking: / call-center 470 895-1


Entitled « Prodiges ou les Propos d’un Prestidigitateur » which could be translated loosely as « Wonders or Words of a Magician » this show will make you quake in your shoes and send shivers down your spine. The spectacle is a fusion of humour and illusion, the latter including both visual magic and tricks of the mind. In this show, David Goldrake, whose reputation has already been so well established, creates a perfect balance between classic illusions and those of a new era. Those of the audience who manage to avoid being turned into a toad or a rabbit in a hat should not miss the arrival of the birthday cake, which promises to be just as spectacular.

Wonders or Words of a Magician is a rare encounter with a magician who has made it his aim to revive and reinvent 19th century magic. For an hour and a half you will witness a spectacle that will make you lose all track of time. Not only will you experience the show as spectators, but David Goldrake will give you a unique opportunity to take an active part. In fact the show depends primarily on you, the audience, as it is the audience each time that gives the show its unique character.

In the first part of the show you will discover among others how:

  • David renders a solid sheet of glass permeable
  • David turns a spectator into a magician after one magic lesson
  • David goes back in time with the help of three spectators

Let yourself relax and take this opportunity to pass through the looking glass. You will never have been so close to magic!

In the second part of the show David will take you on a journey to explore the human mind. Thanks to his skill as a mentalist he will enable you to witness inexplicable phenomena.

Together you will break the bounds of all that is logical and enter a world of dreams and mystery. Together, by the power of your imagination, you will render the impossible possible.

  • 20 Years Of Magical Moments - July 2006