World Autism Day - March 2018

Conference on 29th March 2018

World Autism Awareness day

Invitation under the High Patronage of Her Royal Highness the Grand Duchess: Together, let’s break down the barriers of autism and build an accessible society 

As part of the celebration for World Autism Awareness Day, established by the United Nations in 2008, the Foundation Autism Luxembourg (FAL) and Autism Europe (AE) are pleased to welcome you to multiple conferences which will take place at the Cultural Center in Capellen (51, route d'Arlon L-8310) on Thursday 29th March 2018 at 19h00.

Program for the evening:

  1. Welcome speech
    (Nathalie Lehoucq, Managing Director of the FAL)
  2. Recommendations for a European strategy on autism
    (Aurélie Baranger, Director of Autisme Europe)
  3. Collaboration project between the FAL and elaborating a National Autism Plan
    (Dr Andréia Pinto Costa, Research Associate University of Luxembourg)
  4. Testimony and positive experience of inclusive education of a young autistic person
    (Jessica Thill, preschool teacher in Rumelange)

During the evening, at the initiative of Autism Europe, an exhibition of André Weisgerber photos,  will take place. This exhibition will soon be shown at the European Parliament in Brussels.

This conference replaces the event that took place last year at the Place d'Armes.

The conference will be followed by a drink offered by the Mamer Community.

To register, please call 26 91 11-1 or email

Autism in Luxembourg

Autism is a very complex, yet common disorder that affects the brain. According to these figures, 1 on 100 people in Luxembourg are diagnosed with it, meaning there would be 5,900 people with autism living here!

Autism spectrum disorders (ASD) are neurological disorders that usually occur in the first three years of a person's life. Autism affects normal brain development, meaning children and adults with autism commonly have troubles with:

  • verbal and non-verbal communication
  • social interaction
  • developping playful and imaginative faculties.

Buildings lit up in blue, why?

Three organizations for Autism research in Luxembourg: Fondation Autisme Luxembourg (, Autisme Luxembourg Asbl ( and the Association of parents of people with autism in Luxembourg (, have teamed up to organize a project called "Light It Up Blue".

“Light It Up Blue” is an American initiative of Autism Speaks. Autism organizations around the world are asking to illuminate symbolic monuments and landmarks in blue. And so, every year, the Empire State Building and the Sydney Opera House participate in the event.

In Luxembourg, about 50 buildings will be "light it up blue", such as the Philharmonie, Belval high furnaces, museums, hospitals, municipalities, as well as monuments such as churches, castles, sculptures and businesses buildings.

This year's campaign “Light It Up Blue” will take place from Friday night on, March 30th to Tuesday, April 3rd, 2018. Some buildings will be illuminated during the whole month of April throughout the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

Everyone can share their commitment by lighting their home or business in blue or by dressing up in blue on Friday, March 30th.

Other measures to promote awareness, like fundraising or various actions are well appreciated.

Donations can be send to BLUXLULL LU76 0080 3041 1520 2003 - mention "Light It Up Blue". This bank account is shared between FAL, Autisme Luxembourg Asbl and APPAAL.

List of participants:

More information on the website

To listen to an interview with our president, Mr Claude Schmit, visit the following link:

  • World Autism Day - March 2018