Ëmmer do - always present

"ËMMER DO", because without you, their wellbeing wouldn’t be guaranteed anymore. Together we create a better way of life.

From morning until night, the Foundation Luxembourg is "ËMMER DO". Every single day of the year we are "ËMMER DO" in order support our beneficiaries who have autism, both by accompanying them and also offering adapted activities that take into account their needs and abilities.

You can help us.  With only 1 euro a day you could also be "ËMMER DO", and support our Foundation and beneficiaries who are unable to live in complete autonomy. With 1 euro per day, or only 30 euros per month, you will support us in our pursuit to offer the integrality of our services, as well improve our services throughout the year. We could create more homes and increase our offer of support to other families in need.

If you want to be "ËMMER DO" you need only to fill a standing order (modell). Choose your preferred amount.

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