Obtaining pictograms

This list is not exhaustive and contains only a limited amount of interesting references on autism. Original authors of the list: Centre de Ressources Autisme Languedoc – Roussillon (www.autisme-ressources-lr.fr)

Free download pictograms

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Pictograms' inventory

Pictograms' software

Picto Selector is an application for Windows designed to facilitate the selection and printing of pictograms. Pictograms are taken from the website www.sclera.be, www.catedu.es/arasaac/ and straight-street.com/ and translations in Dutch, English and French are available. The software supports also these languages www.pecsforall.com

Commercial pictograms

  • Picture this PRO 2.0" -CD ROM - 2001 - 5000 pictures with French words. Silver Lining Multimedia Inc. - distributed by Autisme France Diffusion www.autismediffusion.com
  • Les compétences d'autonomie quotidienne et les règles de comportement CD ROM - 2000. Silver Lining Multimedia Inc. (photos) - distribué par Autisme France Diffusion www.autismediffusion.com
  • CAP. Communiquer et Apprendre par Pictogrammes : Editions Erasme - Place Baudouin 1er - B. 5004 Namur, Bouge - Belgique. Email : erasme@skynet.be
  • Pictodidacte, Parlerpictos et Pictokit Centre de suppléance à la communication orale et écrite (CSCOE - Québec), http://www.cscoe.com and http://www.cscoe.com/logiciels/
  • Pictodidacte: a software designed to compose pictograms' tables / Parlerpictos is a bank of pictograms designed to facilitate communication learning for people with language disorders / Pictokit A software containing Parlerpictos bank in French, English and Spanish (2636 pictures, colour and black-and-white photos), Graphèmes (598 elements of the system «Écrire» and «Write») and Phonèmes (288 elements of the system «Par lé si la b»). This software is designed to transfer jpeg files into other softwares.
  • Pictomedia Scribe : Maïa Interactive / Pictomedia : www.pictomedia.com
  • Boardmaker : uses PCS communication symbols www.mayer-johnson.com - distributed by Protéor www.proteor.fr and Autisme France Diffusion www.autismediffusion.com
  • Pictogrammes Makaton : www.makaton.org Makaton official website
  • Pyramid Educational Consultants : Communication pictures – 151 PECS pictures – plastified colour pictures to cut (4.5 cm x 4.5 cm). The product contains a Velcro band to fix the pictures. Distributed by Autisme France Diffusion www.autismediffusion.com
  • Parler et lire avec des idéos-pictos : Method designed to facilitate communication and reading learning abilities. By Béatrice CHAUVIN-TAILLAND, 78 pages + 210 cartes d'idéo-pictos, SOLAL, 2001 (Collection Tests & Matériels en orthophonie)
  • PECS -Picture Exchange Communication System – Training manual Translated from English by Ch. BROUSSE and A. ROUSTAN-DELATOURi (1994 - 72 pages - Pyramid Ed.) - distributed by Autisme France Diffusion www.autismediffusion.com
  • Vocalubile : software with 800 pictures compatible with Game Attainment : Go Talk… Distributed by par Hop Toys www.hoptoys.fr