Why volunteer?

Why volunteer?

The Fondation Autisme Luxembourg needs volunteers all year round. 

Volunteers are highly regarded and make a vital contribution to the life of our Foundation. With your skills and talents, not to mention your wish to help, you would be a great asset by giving us some of your time. 

Indeed the success of the Foundation is largely due to the exemplary dedication of our exceptional volunteers. 


The advantages of volunteering with us are as follows :

  • you help improve the services that the Fondation Autisme Luxembourg can offer
  • you meet new people when you join our dynamic and highly motivated team
  • you get to take part in training sessions organised by the Fondation Autisme Luxembourg
  • you discover your own talents and develop new skills
  • you can take part in events designed to promote friendship at the Fondation Autisme Luxembourg 

There are numerous volunteering opportunities to suit your own interests and skills. We will make every effort to find the ideal task for you and your friends, family members and colleagues.

Charter for volunteering

The Fondation Autisme Luxembourg undertakes to:

  • welcome the volunteer and regard him/her as a member of the team
  • provide the volunteer with clear information on the Foundation, its objectives and how it operates
  • entrust the volunteer with tasks that are in line with his/her skills, availability and priorities
  • ensure that everyone’s functions are clearly defined so as to avoid unnecessary overlap
  • provide the volunteer with a suitable working environment
  • ensure that the volunteer has adequate supervision and provide training if required
  • ensure adequate insurance cover for the volunteer
  • reimburse expenses where required so that anyone can make a commitment to voluntary work

The volunteer undertakes to:

  • accept the Foundation’s principles and act in keeping with its objectives
  • commit to the development of the Foundation in a spirit of solidarity
  • accept guidance for the tasks that he/she will perform and undergo any training that is offered
  • complete satisfactorily the tasks that have been jointly agreed upon
  • work in a spirit of mutual understanding with the other volunteers and employees
  • observe confidentiality when carrying out duties and comply with the Foundation’s Code of ethics

On 5 December 2023, the Foundation was honoured to be awarded the Label de Bénévolat by the Agence Bénévolat.