The Foundation provides support to people who wish to obtain a diagnostic assessment when they suspect that they or a member of their family have autism.

To this end, the Foundation performs diagnostic assessments that consist of the following :

  • assessment to establish whether a person has autism
  • assessment of a person’s skills
  • proposals of concrete and tailor-made educational strategies and help for parents in implementing them
  • medical assessment

Each diagnostic procedure for autism requires separate discussions, observations and field-specific assessments and is carried out by psychologists that are specialised in autism. The aim is to obtain as global an image as possible of the individual and to assess the person in his/her different environments.

Most diagnostic assessments are carried out in cooperation with an external medical psychiatrist who is mainly responsible for medical aspects.

All information collected from the assessments is then shared, analysed and discussed with a view to determine whether the person has autism. This diagnosis is based on current international diagnostic criteria.

The Foundation also offers assessments and re-assessments of persons already diagnosed with autism and recognised as such by the Foundation. The strengths and needs of the person are assessed so as to develop tailor-made recommendations in the following domains : communication, psychomotor development, adaptive skills, intellectual profile, etc.

Sensory and psychomotor assessment that has been specially designed for persons with autism can be organised, with tests and equipment available for use by service staff. Families receive advice, strategies and specific support following a review by the psychomotor specialist in the group. Groups and families are also made aware of the usefulness of psychomotor skills at all ages.

Assessments are available for children as well as for adolescents and adults. They can be performed in Luxembourgish, French, German or English. The official request must be submitted by the legal guardian of a minor, or by the adult to be assessed or his/her legal guardian.

Families may determine at which of the Foundation’s sites they prefer diagnostic assessments to be performed : Steinsel, Capellen or Munshausen. Various appointments may also be made, such as with a psychiatrist, or at home, or in the living environment of the person to be assessed (e.g. school, work).

The service was set up in 2004 to meet an increasing demand for diagnosis.

The Diagnostic service is available to anyone residing in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. If you are a cross-border commuter (paying contributions in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg), please contact us to find out about the specific conditions of access to this service.

For more information about the Diagnostic service, please contact our secretariat (tel: 26 91 11 - 1, Monday to Friday, 08:00 to 17:00) or send an email to diagnostic@fal.lu.