Who are we ?

Who are we ?

The Fondation Autisme Luxembourg (FAL) was founded June 18th 1996 at the initiative of a group of parents directly affected by this handicap. They came together to deal with the lack of structures and services for people with autism that existed in Luxembourg.

Their efforts were aimed at providing their children with a level of care that was adapted to their disability. This would allow them to develop their autonomy in a suitable living environment and quality. Since then, the aim of the Foundation is to promote and defend the rights of people with autism in Luxembourg, regardless of the severity of their disability. The public-interest character of the foundation was recognized by a Grand-Ducal decree on October 6, 1996.  This means that donations to the Foundation may be tax-deductible within the limits of articles 109 and 112 L.I.R. 

We work in close collaboration with the various State bodies as well as with other partners active in the disability field in Luxembourg to promote the inclusion of people on the margins of society.

We are also proud to have obtained the High Patronage of Her Royal Highness the Grand Duchess in April 2018. This gesture is a great proof of confidence toward the quality work that we provide in terms of diagnosis, support, training and care for teenagers or adults. FAL is also a member of the association Autisme Europe as well as the association Don en Confiance.

In 1999, FAL bought a plot of land in Munshausen in the north of the country to build a residential centre. The site was officially opened in 2002, and 6 residents moved into their new home just a few days later. 

The activities of FAL have greatly increased since its creation :

  • 3 homes at the Munshausen site
  • 3 homes in Rambrouch
  • 6 beds for short stays
  • a day-care centre for adults in Munshausen
  • a day-care centre for adults in Rambrouch
  • a day-care centre for children in Rambrouch
  • a variety of leisure activities and holiday camps for both FAL residents and persons living at home with their families
  • diagnostic assessment service, the demand for this is constantly on the increase
  • assistance to families through training, home help and ad hoc support
  • a group with social competencies for helping persons with Asperger syndrome
  • care service for children during the summer holidays
  • training service
  • a public relations and communication department to convey the autism message to the general public

FAL has been constantly expanding since it was created. Today it has a staff of around 144, spread over 3 sites namely in Capellen, Munshausen and Rambrouch.

FAL is a member of Autism-Europe, an umbrella organisation for associations of parents and persons with autism in 38 European countries. Exchange visits to other European autism institutions take place on a regular basis.

Together, we create better lives.