On 11.11.2011 the Fondation Autisme Luxembourg adopted its Code of Values E.S.P.R.I.T. 

A code of values reflects an organisation’s corporate culture, its shared values, a common way of addressing problems and how these values are communicated. 

A code of values reminds us of our attachment to our primary concern : in our case, persons with autism and their families. 

We are committed towards persons with autism and their families, to :

  • respect the rights of persons with autism as defined in the charter adopted by the European Parliament on 9 May 1996 in the form of a Written Declaration
  • apply the following values on a daily basis, through our actions as well as in our professional relationships
  • promote these values in society as a whole
  • as such, confirm our commitment to sustainable development 


Engagement and Commitment

We implement the values and carry out the mission of the Foundation in a professional manner. We foster our significant commitment through reliability, accountability, availability and confidentiality. 

Satisfaction of our Clients

We take into account the specific needs of each and every person so as to implement the steps required for care adapted to his/her needs. We keep our resources up to date through the use of evaluation tools and by applying the results we obtain. 

Performance and Quality

We guarantee that we apply the quality criteria of a centre of excellence in the field of autism in Luxembourg. 


In our work we show respect towards persons and goods. 


We are constantly optimising autism care in Luxembourg, basing ourselves on our experience and on the latest scientific data. 


We take care to respect persons with autism, we acknowledge their specific features by accepting and promoting their strengths, needs and interests. 


The E.S.P.R.I.T. values underscore the commitment of the FAL towards its clients, employees, directors and all communities. 

This code forms the basis of the corporate culture that the Foundation is committed to support and make known, and which each staff member undertakes to follow. 

The entire Fondation Autisme Luxembourg lives these values every day!