Short-term stays

Short-term stays

The Foundation has 2 rooms available for short-term stays.

The purpose of these rooms is :

  • to host persons with autism so that their families can take a short break or have time to rest
  • to host persons with autism who have severe behavioural difficulties and occasionally require more intensive supervision than usual

During the week the visitors take part in the day-care centre activities, or if they come at the week-end, in the activities at the lodgings.

They are placed under the supervision of the educational team, which may be enhanced according to the skills and behaviours of the guests.

Short-term stays are intended for all persons with autism of any age who are resident in Luxembourg. Nevertheless, urgent requests by families or by the Ministry will be addressed as a priority.

It is absolutely essential for families living with a person with autism to take a break from time to time, and this is why the Short-term stay service was created. The service is open all year-round, 24 hours a day.