Accomodation in Rambrouch

Accomodation in Rambrouch

Accommodation and day centre for autistic people in Rambrouch

Fondation Autisme Luxembourg (FAL) was created in 1996 and is seeking to extend its range of services in order to meet needs which are not yet covered in Luxembourg.

One priority is to continue to develop accommodation services. The supply of accommodation is still generally inadequate to meet current and future demand. According to the most recent statistics from Autism Europe, autism is diagnosed in one 1 person in every 100. This means that in Luxembourg there must be more than 6000 people with disorders on the autism spectrum, with 30 new cases being presented each year.

In 2010, the Ministry for the Family and Integration agreed in principle to the building of a second accommodation project for 24 autistic people. With the help of the Ministry and Rambrouch local council, a suitable site was found in rue du Nord in Rambrouch and a long lease was signed.

Since the funding rules for accommodation require a contribution of 30% of the cost to be paid out of the beneficiary’s own funds, the FAL had to obtain a large amount in donations. The total cost of the project is considerably more than 4.5 million euros. Provision of the FAL’s own contribution has been made possible by very generous pledges of donations from the Œuvre Nationale de Secours Grande-Duchesse Charlotte and the fondation ROGER DE SPOELBERCH and through financial support from private donors and from Schëffleng Hëlleft. After this essential support had been given, the FAL was ableto sign two agreements with the Ministry for the Family and Integration and to start making real plans for the building work.

The aim of the Rambrouch project is to provide year-round accommodation for 24 autistic people of a variety of ages and levels of independence, giving priority to those with severe disabilities. The accommodation will be complemented by a day centre offering a range of workshops. In addition to housing the permanent residents, beds will be available for temporary admissions to meet the needs of families when required.  The residents will be split into three groups on the basis of their specific living requirements.

As in the Munshausen facility, the aim is to provide autistic people with a dignified quality of life in a setting which is adapted to their specific needs. In addition to ensuring that their rights are respected as defined in the Charter of Rights for People with Autism, this support will enhance the personal, social and emotional lives of the people concerned. Everything will be done to develop their intellectual, social and physical capacities to their full extent. This will mean giving the residents as much independence as possible and maximum integration into village life. The approaches used to improve personal development, in particular the TEACCH programme, emphasise holistic support, active participation by the family, support centred on the autistic person and individualised structuring of the space and time available.

The architecture and layout of the Rambrouch infrastructure are inspired by the Munshausen accommodation facility and are used therapeutically to provide the best possible setting for the support intended. The design of the building also takes account of its ecological aspects. Notably, it will be heated by an urban heating system using biogas, and a water tank will be installed to collect rainwater for recycling.