Anyone wanting to know how people with autism function, know their strengths and needs, help them overcome their difficulties and which practices are inappropriate or even dangerous, must first learn what autism is and understand what the disorder entails.

The Fondation Autisme Luxembourg organises training sessions on a regular basis for professionals as well as parents and other interested persons.

In addition to the wide range of in-house training at the Foundation, we also hold training sessions in the framework of the IFEN ( programmes. The Foundation updates its training programme every year. Certain courses can be tailored to match demand.

Course duration varies from a few hours to several days. The topics are varied and can be either directly related to autism (e.g. communication, social life, sensory problems, behavioural problems, etc.) or of a more general nature (e.g. quality of life, first aid, leisure, etc.)

Since 2006 the Foundation has been a training company for young people learning to become apprentice social carers. They require constant feedback and supervision and above all training in the field of autism in order to work at the Foundation.

All trainers are highly qualified in their fields and have extensive professional experience with the autism disorder. Our courses are permanently vetted for quality purposes.

Courses are aimed at all persons affected by autism.

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EarlyBird: A training programme for parents of children with autism

The EarlyBird programme was developed by the National Autistic Society in the UK for parents of small children who had been diagnosed with autism as a way to increase their confidence. It is a programme designed to support families during the early period between diagnosis and school placement. A further objective is to help parents develop good practices during those first years of their child’s life that are so essential for later development.

EarlyBird training lasts 3 months and consists of group sessions combined with individual home visits when video feedback is used to help parents apply what they have learnt. Parents meet other parents of small children with autism and work together.

The training is intended for families with a child up to 6 years old who displays signs of autism. Each family may register 2 persons. The eight weekly sessions are generally held on the same day every week in Capellen. Each session lasts two and a half hours.

Training is given by professionals of the Fondation Autisme Luxembourg who have the necessary knowledge and experience in the field of autism and who have all been trained by the National Autistic Society EarlyBird Centre in the UK. The Foundation is the only organisation to offer this training in the Grand Duchy.

The EarlyBird programme helps to:

  • better understand a child’s autistic disorder
  • structure interaction to develop communication
  • develop ways to pre-empt or manage problem behaviour

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