Accommodation in Munshausen

Accommodation in Munshausen

The aim of the service is to ensure a life of dignity and quality for the residents in a specifically organised environment and to offer them assistance that is adjusted to their individual needs.

The 3 homes in Munshausen are open 365 days a year and accommodate 18 residents outside the opening hours of the day-care centre. From 16.30 until 9.30 the next day, as well as over the weekend, they provide residents with a home that is adapted to their needs. Care of residents is provided by 2 educators per group of 6, with a reduced staffing level at night. The 18 residents with autism are aged between 18 and 67.

The homes and workshops of the Foundation are situated on a large, open plot in a rural setting, giving those who use the facilities a feeling of freedom and tranquillity. This small, peaceful village and the fact that there is little traffic has a positive impact on their emotional state. Each group of 6 has a separate building, made up of a kitchen, two reception rooms, one bedroom per resident, bathrooms and storage space. The group lives together as a family.

The main activities for the residents are the same as for everyone else at home : prepare meals, set the table, clear up and clean. Then there are additional leisure activities and specific exercises designed to promote communication and well-being, such as role-playing, time to engage with the educator, a relaxing bath, and hand and/or foot massage, etc. Work with the residents is based on a structured approach according to the TEACCH programme. All the members of the educational team have had basic training in this programme and structure time and space according to residents’ individual needs. The staff meets once every two weeks to discuss various organisational aspects of the homes.

The fact that the homes of the Fondation Autisme Luxembourg are situated on rural plot of over 1 hectare in the centre of Munshausen promotes integration with village life. Walks in the village and regular visits to the local café and restaurant Robbesscheier give residents the opportunity to increase contacts with visitors and villagers alike.

Every other Friday, residents go on an outing to give them the possibility to socialise away from their living environment. There are walks, cinema, horse-riding, visits, amusement park, bowling, etc. If there is enough interest, all the residents of a home take part in the same activity. On Saturdays, one group goes swimming while another group remains at the home for arts and crafts activities. An outing to a restaurant is organised once a month.

All year round there are regular activities for residents to enjoy, such as Disc-o-tisme in Foetz, the Tricentenaire amusement park, or other sporting or cultural events specifically designed for people with disabilities.

We can count on the support of volunteers, interns and students who are available throughout the year to organise more one-to-one activities.

The residents go on holiday three times a year ; trips are organised by the Leisure service.

The service takes particular care to uphold high living standards and maintain total transparency towards parents or guardians.

Staff running the homes are in regular contact with the residents’ parents. They keep them informed of events and include them in any decision-making regarding their family line, be it on health matters, the purchase of clothing, holidays, or the Individual Support Plan (PSI).

Through the weekly communication books and frequent telephone calls, parents and guardians can follow the progress made by their child, what he/she did during the week and the situation regarding the child’s health. In addition they receive a quarterly newssheet that documents the life of their child in pictures and provides them with the latest information on the educational team.