Give with confidence : « Don en confiance »

Because all benefactors have the right to know how their donations are spent and whether they are well managed, and because every foundation or not-for-profit organisation has a duty towards its sponsors, the a.s.b.l “Don en Confiance Luxembourg” was established on 18 January 2011. 

We at the Foundation are very aware of our duty to inform and assure our sponsors that their donations are well managed. The Fondation Autisme Luxembourg is one of the 16 founder members of « Don en Confiance » and has signed up to its Code of good behaviour. This Code sets out six commitments that member organisations undertake to comply with. 

 Don en confiance

Code of good behaviour (Code de bonne conduite (FR))

If you have any questions on the donation process at the Fondation Autisme Luxembourg or a query regarding a previous donation, please get in touch.