How to support us in other ways?

As well as financial donations, the Fondation Autisme Luxembourg welcomes contributions in kind, as follows:

  • Crafts: Nespresso capsules, bottle tops, cork stoppers, puzzle pieces, material, wool, pearls, various decorations for floral arrangements, etc.
  • Second-hand cars to help support families
  • Educational games
  • Musical instruments for children for musical awakening and initiation
  • Tennis balls to cut down on chair-leg noise
  • Lavender and mint to make tea
  • Buttons
  • Zips
  • Small objects for sorting such as cubes, Lego pieces, balls
  • Wicker baskets
  • IT equipment and computers
  • Laminating machines
  • Fitness equipment
  • Tombola prizes 
  • ...

Organising an event

Birthdays and other celebrations

Are you organising a party to celebrate a birthday, wedding, birth, communion or retirement ? Looking for a charity for donations? Please remember the Foundation

Instead of traditional gifts, you could ask for donations to be made to the Fondation Autisme Luxembourg

Your friends will receive a personal note of thanks with a short description of the project that they helped to support. 

Fundraising activities for the Fondation Autisme Luxembourg ! 

Why not organise a sponsored race or walk, a second-hand sale, a concert, a play or an inter-company sports event and give the Fondation Autisme Luxembourg the proceeds. We can lend you awareness-raising materials and advertise your event in the media, on our website and on our Facebook page. 

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