Label de Qualité BÉNÉVOLAT
Label de Qualité BÉNÉVOLAT

Label de Qualité BÉNÉVOLAT

On 5 December 2023, the Foundation was honoured to be awarded the BÉNÉVOLAT Quality Label by the Agence de Bénévolat.

The BÉNÉVOLAT Quality Label is a certification awarded to organisations that are committed to providing quality volunteering opportunities through high standards of organisational operation and volunteer management. 

The BÉNÉVOLAT Quality Label has multiple objectives:

  • To recognise organisations that have put in place exemplary policies and practices in terms of volunteer management and support.
  • To improve volunteer management practices through a comparative analysis based on the organisation's self-assessment.
  • Promote quality volunteering where volunteers are recognised and valued for their work and commitment, thereby enhancing the attractiveness of associative life.
  • To encourage transparency and accountability in the organisations awarded the label, through compliance with high standards and a continuous improvement approach.