What are these projects ?

What are these projects?

We are in direct contact with children, teenagers and adults who have autism. Therefore, the amounts we receive from you in donations allow us to finance very real projects. The following examples show you how important every single donation is to our charitable foundation.

With a donation of € 5, you enable us to:

  • buy support materials for sensory stimulation,
  • offer a new book to the users of the day centre
  • buy arts and crafts materials for leisure activities

With a donation of € 10, we can:

  • buy a timer for a person we are supporting who needs visual cues
  • choose a new DVD for the users of the day centre
  • offer a souvenir to a person with autism during an excursion or camp

With a donation of € 25, we are able to:

  • offer a handbook to parents of children with autism
  • offer a fairground ride to 10 autistic people
  • finance a day’s salary for a camp counsellor

With a donation of € 50, we can:

  • buy a couple of board games for our social skills group
  • offer an ice cream to every autistic person during a trip
  • finance tickets to an amusement park for one autistic person and the person accompanying him

With a donation of € 100, you would provide:

  • the funding for a diagnosis test kit
  • an important contribution towards the purchase of a swing for the users of the day centre
  • the possibility of offering a souvenir photo album to every person attending a camp
  • an important contribution towards the purchase of electronic equipment (cameras, GPS, phones, iPads)

Every donation, no matter how small, can also contribute to a larger project on which FAL is working. Therefore, with every donation you can also contribute to:

  • enable more children, adolescents and adults with autism to attend holiday camps and take part in leisure activities that are adapted to their specific needs. We need extra financing for 10 holiday camps per year at a cost of EUR 5,000 per holiday camp
  • to provide appropriate equipment for the Foundation’s residential and day-care centre in Munshausen and Rambrouch.

Thanks to your donations, we can carry out countless amazing projects for all of those who have autism and we thank you for your trust. Every donation is gratefully received, because we rely on them so much. We would also like to encourage you to support us on a regular basis, because our needs are never ending.

You can send your donations to the bank account mentioned at the bottom of every page of our website, or via Paypal: