Types of volunteer work

Holiday camps 

Each year the Foundation organises around 20 holiday camps in Luxembourg or abroad (e.g. on the Belgian / Dutch coast or in the Ardennes) for residents and for children and adolescents with autism. We also organise outings at the week-end (cinema, bowling, restaurant, amusement parks). 

Are you ready to accompany children, young people or adults with autism? Do you want to experience something unforgettable? Then come and join our team of accompanying persons. 

Activities where we need the help of volunteers:

We need volunteers to accompany individuals with autism and help them spend an enjoyable week on holiday. 

Profile of volunteers:

  • Minimum age 16
  • Spoken languages : Luxembourgish or French/German
  • Personal qualities : motivation, open-mindedness, composure, control and patience
  • Respect for persons with autism, compliance with professional secrecy 

You will need to provide the following documents: « extrait du casier judiciaire » from the Justice Ministry, copy identity card, copy driving licence when available. 

Most holiday camps and outings are at week-ends during school holidays. 

Accompanying persons will be given a prior introduction to autism and information on the person to be accompanied. 

Volunteers are paid EUR 25 per day, or EUR 30 per day if they have been to more than 3 holiday camps, or EUR 40 per day if they have attended a TEACCH training programme. 



We need volunteers:

  • to cover market stands where we sell crafts
  • to welcome visitors to big events such as concerts, World Autism Awareness Day, our Open Days, or at various cultural and sporting events
  • to serve at table, operate the grill and make chips, clear the tables, look after children’s games, etc. on the occasion of our Open Days which are held every 2 years 

And we would never refuse a helping hand for administrative work and dispatches in the run-up to these events! Please get in touch if you wish to help out! 


Skilled volunteers 

We need people offering the following skills:

  • Translators (all year round for letters, documents, booklets, website, brochures, etc.)
  • Graphic designers (for flyers, invitations, leaflets, etc.)
  • Cooks at Munshausen (to cook lunch for Day-care centre users, or to help with in-season jam-making)
  • Drivers at Munshausen (e.g. to drive Day-care centre users to medical appointments or to pick up supplies)
  • Pre-school or playschool teachers (Spillschoulsjofferen) with ideas for early learning games or crafts
  • Gardeners to help with garden maintenance
  • -Skilled workers for minor repairs
  • Secretaries to set up databases and carry out administrative tasks 



We are looking for reference persons to care for individuals with autism who have no family. As a godparent, you would have regular contact with the person with autism, go on walks together, go out together to buy clothes, or have a drink or meal together, i.e. be there for that person and provide him or her with social contact. 



We are looking to set up long-term relationships with clubs, societies and businesses with a view to organising, for example:

  • outings for our residents
  • fundraising events 

Businesses might consider such a relationship to be within the scope of their Corporate Social Responsibility policy (CSR)